Take Action for Christians in Lebanon

Ask your Senators to support and co-sponsor S.1637, which calls on the Treasury Department to identify details regarding Hezbollah’s finance and money laundering apparatus.  The Treasury Department’s findings would enable domestic financial institutions and agencies to take measures against the associated money laundering entity.

For upwards of four decades, Hezbollah has caused untold havoc in Lebanon—the last free bastion of Christianity—and the world over.  Hezbollah’s terror manifests through both indiscriminate and targeted physical violence, and far-reaching political sabotage. Unfortunately, the EU makes a clear distinction between Hezbollah’s military wing and its political apparatus, and has only designated the former as a terrorist organization. Ask your Representative to help change that by co-sponsoring H.Res. 558.

We stand in solidarity with Patriarch al-Rai, and support his proposed initiatives. No longer can the international community afford to allow Lebanon to remain under the thumb of Hezbollah, as an Iranian satellite. The future of Lebanon should be charted by the Lebanese people for the common national interest, through responsible governance and democratic values. Ask your Members of Congress to stand with Lebanon by supporting Patriarch Rai.

IDC asks you to stand in solidarity with Patriarch al-Rai, and support his proposed initiatives to save Lebanon. No longer can Lebanon, nor the international community, afford to allow Lebanon to remain under the thumb of Hezbollah, become an Iranian satellite state for proxy leverage, or a Turkish colony for regional hegemony.

Sign the petition here.

Take Action on Turkey

Eastern Orthodox Christians have not only survived genocide in Turkey, they continue to lack basic human rights such as religious freedom. This legislation acknowledges the need for Turkey to eliminate all forms of discrimination, particularly those based on race or religion. Ask your Representative to support the Ecumenical Patriarch by co-sponsoring H.R. 3056.

Turkey has a long history of denying its genocides of Christians across the Middle East. It has persecuted Christians within its borders, in Syria, in Artsakh, and elsewhere. It has gone so far as to bring jihadist fighters to terrorize Christians in Artsakh. America should never consider a country like this an ally.

This latest move continues a long-standing trend of Christian landmarks and houses of worship being appropriated and converted into mosques or even seized by the Turkish state. Cultural landmarks, including the Hagia Sophia, are some of the only remnants which testify to Turkey’s once-vibrant Christian presence. solidarity with the persecuted Christians of the Middle East and Africa, we call on consumers to boycott Turkish products.

Take Action for Coptic Christians in Egypt

Take Action for Christians in Iraq

Take Action for Christians in Africa

For the past several years, Christians in Nigeria have been facing extreme levels of violence from various terrorist organizations, including Boko Haram and Fulani Militants. Please join IDC in calling for the recognition of the Christian Genocide in Nigeria, as these crimes can not be forgotten.

Take Action on Saudi Arabia

Since 2004, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has recommended that Saudi Arabia be designated as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) for its numerous religious and human rights violations in the country. We are asking President Biden to designate Saudi Arabia as a Country of Particular Concern and implement appropriate sanctions.

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